Pokémon Scholars present their works at ‘Show 2019’

The Royal College of Art’s graduation exhibition, “Show 2019,” was held for nine days from June 29 this year, with the two recipients of the Pokémon Scholarship presenting their works.

Amir Afshar (Innovation Design Engineering)

Amir chose as his graduation exhibit a demonstration of a system for facilitating ambulatory movement. The concept is that by using fabric with embedded sensors, one can create garments that can stimulate muscles with electrical currents. The “Assistive Mobility Bionic Layer” would help wearers with various conditions by generating dynamic forces that are finely tuned. The idea behind the AMBL came from Amir’s realization that crutches and other walking aids have not evolved significantly since their invention and that many of these devices fall short of facilitating rehabilitation.

Jesse Cahn-Thompson (Information Experience Design)

Jesse presented an installation entitled “Heaven to the Cloud.” The installation is based on a project for examining algorithmic integrity and agency through online behavior as interpreted by artificial intelligence. In his attempt to better illuminate the complexities of the commodified Internet, he used IBM Watson’s capability to analyze the language of social media accounts to create personality profiles. The installation featured a video of gospel singers singing a song lyricized by Jesus Christ himself.