The recipients of the 2019 Pokémon Scholarship present their work at ‘RCA2020’.

The Royal College of Art’s graduation exhibition, “RCA2020” was held online from July 16 to July 31 this year, with the two recipients of the 2019 Pokémon Scholarship presenting their work.

Ye Han MA Intelligent Mobility

My project “Aql” is an amphibious vehicle for the coastal cities where flooding is becoming a new status quo. If the living environment changes from completely on land to partly on water, mobility must also adapt. My project aims to understand how mobility under this situation will be and what the vehicle needs to do.
As serious flooding is happening in southern China right now, it has become more obvious to me that we have to take a step to embrace water, not fight against it.
Humanity’s existence depends on how well we adapt to environmental change. Making better use of water space is certainly one important direction.

Marie Isacsson MA Fashion menswear

My work explores online alter egos and how people represent themselves in the real world compared to in the virtual world, with a focus on gamers and their digital portraits. The project is about the embodied presence that players have with their avatars in MMORPG (Massive multi online role-playing games). Complex video games are becoming, in many ways, places that people ”inhabit” for a varying length of time, and the events that they experience within these games are often important to them.
My interest in this exploration is grounded in the freedom that comes with expressing one’s identity beyond physical boundaries, and in the understanding of the connection between a player and its avatar. With my work I ask the question: Is the clothing their avatars wear in those parallel worlds informing this connection, and if so how?